Bringing together effortless sourcing and affordable medicines

arex PHARMA, a leader in pharmaceutical wholesale, merges a vast product and service portfolio with cutting-edge digital technology and unparalleled excellence, driven by a management team that blends pharmaceutical expertise and strategic consulting with extensive sales experience, symbolizing the perfect union of innovation and tradition in the trade.


Since its inception in 2008, arex PHARMA has transformed from a visionary entrepreneurial venture into a premier name in the pharmaceutical wholesale landscape. Our dedication to excellence is evident in our comprehensive portfolio of branded, generic, and parapharmaceutical products, which we meticulously source and supply across the EU and the global market. Our commitment runs deep, always pushing the boundaries to surpass our customers' expectations.

Embracing innovation, arex PHARMA has seamlessly integrated cutting-edge digital technology to enhance our operations, ensuring we stay ahead in a constantly evolving industry. The expertise we've personally garnered in wholesale operations, manufacturing, and stringent adherence to quality management and legal standards is not just our pride—it's our promise to you, our esteemed business partners.

Our robust network, founded on resilient and intimate local partnerships, is the backbone of our market intelligence. These relationships are not merely transactional; they are collaborative partnerships fostered with care over years of mutual growth and understanding.

While we value the enduring bonds we've built across various global markets, our vision extends to cultivating new alliances. The trust and support of our partners are the pillars of arex PHARMA—integral to our shared success and ongoing ventures.

Through the years, we've navigated the complex currents of market fluctuations and regulatory landscapes with agility and foresight. Our reputation as a reliable and adaptive partner is not self-proclaimed; it is a testament to our unwavering commitment to those we serve.

At arex PHARMA, we're more than a supplier—we are a partner in progress, a collaborator in innovation, and a beacon of reliability in an ever-changing industry. Join us as we continue to set the standard for excellence in pharmaceutical wholesale.

Management Team

    • Jörg Knizek

      With a PhD in Chemistry and a background in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Jörg navigated a diverse career from strategic consulting at the Boston Consulting Group to impactful roles with innovative pharmaceutical manufacturers, including Boehringer Ingelheim.

      Beyond his scientific and corporate pursuits, he’s also an airline pilot for Lufthansa, blending precision and leadership from the skies to the boardroom.

      As a co-founder of arex PHARMA, his ambition was to fuse innovative digital solutions with traditional pharmaceutical trade, leveraging his extensive expertise in management, software development, and regulatory affairs. He is strongly value-driven and a continuous learner, qualities I embody and foster within our team.

      Jörg is a co-founder and Managing Director of our German Operations


    • Susan Vyvial

      Susan has accumulated years of sales experience within the dynamic sectors of media houses and entertainment agencies, notably at ProSiebenSat.1 Media. This experience has not only sharpened her sales acumen but also equipped her as a skilled translator, adept at navigating language barriers and facilitating successful business negotiations.

      Known for her seasoned networking capabilities and her innovative approach to problem-solving, Susan embraces challenges with creative solutions. Her interpersonal skills are unparalleled, making her a genuine people person capable of developing strong connections. Beyond her professional achievements, Susan showcases exceptional organizational and time-management skills, skillfully balancing her demanding career with a fulfilling family life with four children. As a dedicated professional, Susan consistently goes above and beyond, evidencing her unwavering commitment to excellence across all facets of her career.

      Susan is a co-founder and Managing Director of our Czech Operations

  • Career at arex

    We're a global, family-owned company valuing employees as our success core, promoting innovation in a tech-driven culture. Seeking skilled individuals with a positive attitude and commitment to excellence, seamlessly integrating into our collaborative team spirit for impactful and rewarding experiences.