Bringing together transactional logics and pharmaceutical logistics

Leveraging 15+ years of actual industry expertise, we offer integrated services in logistics, software development, and GDP training for the pharmaceutical sector. Our secure, automated facilities and GDP-certified transport ensure reliable distribution. We create targeted software solutions including compliance, warehouse management, and trading platforms, enhancing operational efficiency. Utilizing AI, our training programs promote regulatory compliance and excellence. Our comprehensive approach embodies our commitment to innovation and deep industry understanding.

Fulfillment and Pharmalogistics

Our facility, strategically located in the heart of Europe, provides secure storage and distribution services for products across all temperature ranges, including controlled drugs. With the help of computerized processes, we ensure timely, accurate, and error-free order fulfillment, enhancing customer satisfaction. Our system allows for real-time order tracking, offering transparency and convenience.

For transportation, we utilize a fleet of GDP-certified vehicles equipped with active refrigeration technology from reputable manufacturers like Kiesling and Hahlbrock. This setup ensures consistent temperature control for safe transport in any climate condition, catering to both ambient and cold chain requirements.

It goes without saying that we maintain comprehensive records and documentation of temperature data throughout the product custody period, ensuring full compliance and traceability.

Software Development

Leveraging our expert insight from working within the industry, we develop highly specialized and intelligent software solutions tailored to the pharmaceutical sector. Our FMD Compliance Software ensures packaging integrity and compliance with regulations, utilizing advanced scanning technology for efficient verification. The warehouse management system streamlines goods reception and inventory management, integrating smart storage solutions and error-free packaging processes. Our market platform offers a seamless trading experience, with features designed for overstock management and rapid transaction processing, directly addressing the unique challenges faced by pharmaceutical companies.

  • Our software is certified and validated to verify pharmaceutical packaging in compliance with the 2011/62/EU directive, commonly referred to as the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD), ensuring that medications are authentic and safe for distribution. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, it is designed to scan large volumes of medication packages quickly and reliably, without any delay, supporting the high-speed processing of thousands of scans per hour. The FMD Burst Scanner, a cornerstone of our software, is capable of detecting duplicate scans in real-time while ensuring that all packages are recorded comprehensively and without gaps. It automatically identifies and highlights any scanning errors, facilitating a seamless verification process. The system is compatible with standard mobile devices running iOS or Android, making it accessible and easy to integrate into existing workflows.

  • The self-developed warehouse management system leverages terminals to streamline the incoming goods check, allowing for the use of scans and displaying product images for accurate comparison. It intelligently organizes inventory into a chaotic storage system, enhanced with both put-to-light and pick-to-light features for efficient retrieval and storage of goods. Upon scanning, the system automatically compares the received goods against the supplier's order or invoice, promptly generating a detailed discrepancy report if any differences are found. The packaging and commissioning processes are meticulously managed by the system, aiming for zero-error precision to eliminate mistakes and improve overall workflow efficiency. This innovative approach not only increases accuracy in inventory management but also significantly enhances productivity and operational effectiveness in the warehouse.

  • Our web-based platform offers a user-friendly experience with a straightforward product layout for swift trading actions, from placing orders to completing transactions. It provides trading flexibility, enabling users to swiftly adjust orders, negotiate prices, and adapt to market fluctuations. The platform excels in efficient overstock management, facilitating the offering or discovery of products with nearing expirations or small batches, thus reducing waste and optimizing inventory levels. Transactions are processed quickly, ensuring supply aligns with demand and effectively addressing market misallocations. All transaction outcomes are instantly visible in the User Interface, creating a single source of truth for all involved parties. This blend of features, encompassing user-friendliness, security, flexibility, and efficiency, establishes our platform as an essential tool for pharmaceutical companies, offering an effective solution for managing overstock and resolving supply shortages due to misallocation.

  • We provide a web application featuring a graphical representation of publicly available business data, designed to give users a clear and accessible overview of market trends and insights. Building on this foundation, our service also focuses on aggregating data from regulatory authorities to monitor their interventions. Through detailed analysis, we assess the legality of these interventions, ensuring that our clients receive comprehensive insights into regulatory actions and maintain compliance with legal standards.

GDP Training & Consulting

arex PHARMA provides GDP consulting and training services, leveraging e. g. the latest advancements in AI to create scalable and flexible multi-language training videos. Our aim is to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of Good Distribution Practice, ensuring compliance with industry regulations. Through our services, clients receive informed guidance and access to training resources that support the continuous improvement of their distribution practices.