Delivering smartness and affordable medicines since 2008.

We offer comprehensive healthcare solutions! From trusted pharmaceuticals (prescriptions, OTC, veterinary) in bulk or individual packages, to essential medical consumables (needles, dressings, surgical supplies), and premium branded cosmetics, we cater to diverse healthcare and beauty needs.


Our pharmaceutical collection covers a wide range of branded prescriptions, over-the-counter (OTC) medications, controlled substances, and veterinary products. We supply these in bulk for clinical trials but  also in single packages for individual imports, catering to a broad spectrum of healthcare requirements.

  • Our pharmaceutical range encompasses a wide variety of branded prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications, ensuring healthcare providers have access to quality products for patient care. We meticulously source and distribute medicines that meet stringent regulatory standards

    We pride ourselves on our comprehensive pharmaceutical portfolio, offering an extensive array of medications for various health conditions, from chronic diseases to acute care needs.

  • We have extensive experience in sourcing pharmaceuticals from a single batch or multiple batches in large quantities, complete with necessary documentation such as Certificates of Analysis (CoA) and Certificates of Compliance (CoC). Our expertise includes procuring medications with long expiration dates or according to specific customer requirements, ensuring we meet the diverse needs of clinical trials.

  • Pharmacies can easily and securely order medications for individual import, benefiting from our excellent international network.. We excel in sourcing medications not available in your country, including newly released drugs not yet in the local market, treatments for rare diseases, and medications facing temporary shortages. Our partnership allows you to provide a broad spectrum of medications to your customers.

Medical Devices

Our portfolio covers a broad range of high-quality medical consumables, including needles, syringes, diagnostic devices, wound dressings, ostomy products, and surgical supplies such as hernia meshes, sutures, stents, and more. Primarily focusing on consumables rather than equipment, we aim to provide healthcare professionals with the essential tools needed for patient care.

Cosmetics & Aesthetics

We specialize in offering a curated selection of high-quality branded cosmetics, focusing on reputable products that cater to diverse beauty preferences and skin types. Our commitment lies in sourcing and distributing top-tier brands, ensuring that our clients have access to premium and trusted cosmetic products in the market.