Introducing Digital Transition within Pharmaceutical Tradition


Out of the box solutions for outside the box thinking

In the current landscape of pharmaceutical trade, the adoption of digital platforms and the utilization of interconnected solutions has become imperative to navigate the complex challenges of supply chain management, unpredictable trade volumes, and regulatory barriers.
Digital platforms offer significant advantages, notably in their capacity to address critical issues like shortages caused by misallocation and overstock.

This capability not only diminishes the risk of product shortages, affecting patient care but also reduces the financial impact of surplus inventory.
The streamlined management of stock orders, enabled by these platforms, permits swift adjustments to inventory levels in response to the immediate demands of the market. Such operational flexibility is crucial in an industry characterized by rapidly evolving product lifecycles and market demands.
With over a decade of experience in implementing these digital solutions, our platform is at the forefront of facilitating digital transformation within Europe's healthcare distribution markets.



Our platform delivers an integrated and efficient approach, merging all transaction data into a centralized, always-available resource for clear, real-time oversight. It guarantees full market insight, enforces top-notch quality, safety, and reliability with strict user screening and product verification, and provides a straightforward, no-cost user interface designed for the specific needs of the commodity market.

    • Traceable negotiation and acceptance workflows for streamlined operation
    • Transparency regarding distribution restrictions, such as export bans, and trade impediments like short market expiries
    • All transaction-related information from multiple sources (emails, phone-calls, documents etc.) is consolidated into a single, clear, and unambiguous view
    • Real-time view of order lines, shipment details, and delivery dates for enhanced tracking
    • Rigorous user qualification in a validated supply network
    • Market-ready batches and verified packs only, through monitoring of national authorities and associations
    • A seamless user experience, facilitated by an intuitive, self-explanatory interface, specifically tailored to the unique needs of our commodity market
    • Our platform's full capabilities with no hidden costs, completely free of charge


Standard ERP systems often fall short in navigating the uncertainties of product availabilities in the market, as well as in matching the speed and dynamics of trading activities. In contrast, our platform is designed to thrive in such environments, supporting a dynamic order process that is highly attuned to real-time demands. This enables timely adjustments throughout the order cycle, ensuring optimal responsiveness to market conditions.

How does it work?

By proactively addressing and clarifying all aspects of an order through a virtual process—including potential issues with small batches, short expiries, and unwanted products— culminating in a finalized version of the order shortly before shipping, agreed upon by all stakeholders. This ensures that the delivered products precisely meet the collective expectations, drastically reduces the hassle of processing claims, while also providing essential advance information for efficient production planning and execution.

Core Functionality

Order and Offer Management: Combines the efficient creation, tracking, and fulfilment of purchase orders with the strategic management of sales offers to optimize market response.

Portfolio Management and Quoting: Manages product assortments and pricing strategies in alignment with market demand and business objectives, while automating price quote generation for swift and precise customer responses.

Logistics and Warehouse Management: Streamlines the supply chain by coordinating the efficient movement of goods from our suppliers to warehouses to customers, and optimizes warehouse operations through enhanced inventory control, order fulfilment, and storage management for greater efficiency and accuracy.